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February 2021 Pink Panther Power Couple

Another Month has passed, which means it is time for the JRF Panthers player and partner of the month. February’s 2021 Pink Panther Power Couple is Tyler Miccicke and Sarah Clouse. Tyler Miccicke, February’s 2021 Player of the Month in addition to being a great teammate has recently started his own fan page for his Twitch account on Facebook. We strongly encourage you follow and check him out at MicDickey TTV.

As for Sarah Clouse, the February 2021 Partner of the Month, she helped create the logo for the upcoming Ball For Brizz Tournament which the JRF Panthers is one of the sponsors for. You can check out her design below. Sarah also just got her first graphic design job as well.

The JRF Panthers are thankful for the contributions Tyler and Sarah make not just to the team but to everyday society, We wish them continued success all the way!

By evansderek

Die Hard Philly Sports Fan! I bleed black and pink!

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