Looking For Video Gamers

Are you a serious video gamer with a Twitch channel or following? If so, would you enjoy some article write ups, podcast interviews, and possibly a partnership/sponsorship in the future? If so, Black and Pink Media is looking for some gamers to highlight in all fields of gaming. If interested, please message us on social […]

Community Forever Impactful

Forever Impactful Organization

Forever Impactful Organization, is a non-profit organization starting in 2022 by Derek Evans. Derek Evans who has been hosting charity events for the past 5 years, has decided to start his own non-profit to do his charity work. ‘It makes the process easier and allows for more control on where everything is going”. Stated Derek. […]

Rising Stars

Author Derek Evans Releases 2nd Edition of “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away”

Derek Evans book “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away” was originally published on March 29, 2017. Almost 5 years later and the 2nd edition has just been released. So, what makes the 2nd edition different from the first? According to Derek, do not expect too much of a big difference. “For the most […]


Derek Evans Set to Release Debut Album “Redemption” in Late 2022.

In July Derek Evans released his first single “Warrior”. Ever since then he has been asked by friends and family if he will continue to make music. The answer is Yes, and he hopes the album will debut before the end of the year! According to Derek, he has been writing off and on and […]


Black and Pink Media Opportunities

As we start up and begin this Black and Pink Nation journey we are looking to Collab with a variety of the following: Freelance writers- Whether its fashion, sports, music, lifestyle, finance, or something else, here at Black and Pink Media we provide the opportunity to write article’s about what your interests are! Podcast Partners- […]

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Welcome to Black and Pink Nation!

Black and Pink Media is an entertainment company that has its hand in fashion, sports, gaming, music and much more! The goals for the company is to start hosting podcasts, put out out music, partner with gamers, sponsor sports teams, and again much more. Right now Black and Pink Media sponsors the JRF Panthers Softball […]