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Meet the JRF Panthers Team: Corey Reedy

Get to know Corey Reedy of the JRF Panthers Softball Team.

Name: Corey Reedy

Nickname: Speedy Reedy

Years Playing on Team: 13 Years

Position: Infield

Hits: Right Handed

Jersey Number: 70

Favorite Beer to Drink at Softball Game: Any

Favorite Food: All Food

If you could pick any song to walk up to bat too what would it be: Ted Nugent- Stranglehold

Hobbies outside of Softball: Working for Liberty Taproom/Alehouse, camping, video games and hanging out with friends

Favorite Quote: “Dig a ditch and bury that bitch”-Elysia

Favorite thing about playing for the JRF Panthers: Playing with longtime friends

To see Corey Reedy and others Current season stats click here. Stay tuned for more meet the JRF Panthers team!!

By evansderek

Die Hard Philly Sports Fan! I bleed black and pink!

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