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RIP DMX…That is Just How Ruff Ryders Roll

Hearing the news of DMX passing today was tough. For some well they might not know much about him which is a shame because DMX is a lot bigger then they realize. Let’s dive deeper into DMX’s style and showcase 5 of his top songs.

DMX was a rapper who was biggest in the late 90’s and very early 2000’s. DMX style was unique. If anyone ever says they could never hear aggression or pain in a rappers voice, while they clearly never listened to DMX. As for the Black and Pink Nation personal memory of DMX, it would have to go back to 2015, when coach of the JRF Panthers Derek Evans showed up to the game with a boom box blaring “Ruff Ryders Roll” to get the team pumped up for the game. Let’s juts saying the opposing team and ump where not a big fan of this nor DMX for that matter. Too bad they didn’t realize what a legend they were missing out on.

Speaking of Ruff Ryders Roll here is the song and music video below to check it out…

You can never go wrong at a party to get the party hype by playing “Party Up (Up In Here). Check it out below…

Need to get amped for a sporting event well I encourage you to listen to ‘X Gonna Give it to Ya” Be prepared to start barking. Checking it out below…

Is life feeling you defeated and brining you down? DMX had a song for that too in ‘Slippin”. In the word of DMX “I’m slippin, I’m falling I can’t Get Up”. Check it out below…

Last but not least, if you still do not understand how big DMX was at one time, check out this concert performance in 1999 at Woodstock. Look how big the crowd is and how into DMX song Rudd Ryders Roll they are. Check it out below…

RIP DMX. 50 years old is gone way too soon but thank you for always being genuine and real and providing us music that will live forever. Legends never die and you truly were a legend.

By evansderek

Die Hard Philly Sports Fan! I bleed black and pink!

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