Black and Pink Media Opportunities

As we start up and begin this Black and Pink Nation journey we are looking to Collab with a variety of the following:

Freelance writers- Whether its fashion, sports, music, lifestyle, finance, or something else, here at Black and Pink Media we provide the opportunity to write article’s about what your interests are!

Podcast Partners- Looking for individuals to podcast with to discuss a variety of topics.

Videographer- You enjoy making videos? You may be just what we are looking for.

Website design- Have good experience organizing websites? We have a couple sites we could use your help with.

Models- Always looking for new people to show off the Black and Pink Media gear.

If any of the above opportunities interest you, please feel free to contact us at or message us on Facebook!

By blackandpinknation

Entertainment and Lifestyle Company! #BlackandPinkNation

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