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Welcome to Black and Pink Nation!

Black and Pink Media is an entertainment company that has its hand in fashion, sports, gaming, music and much more! The goals for the company is to start hosting podcasts, put out out music, partner with gamers, sponsor sports teams, and again much more. Right now Black and Pink Media sponsors the JRF Panthers Softball Team, is getting ready to release a future mixtape titled “Long Overdue” and book titled “Black and Pink: More Than Just Colors” by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The book will cover how Black and Pink Nation came about. In the future we hope to sponsor a minor league basketball team, create videos and grow in each aspect of the company. In the meantime the company will be looking for interested gamers, writers, musicians, website designers, content creators and more as we continue to grow. Here at Black and Pink Media we accept all different types of individuals. Our goal is to bring everyone together and have a good time! #BlackandPinkNation

By blackandpinknation

Entertainment and Lifestyle Company! #BlackandPinkNation

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